Advice for making laser cut case for arguing keyboard project


I am planning to make a macro keyboard using an arduino pro micro - I have the designs for the electronics stuff done but am looking to laser cut a case instead of 3D Printing one (cheaper,quicker and more accurate). However I am not completely sure about how I could mount the sides together (am thinking of using hot glue). I have a design in fusion 360 (image below) and have exported all of the sides as dxf files to cut. I have seen tabbed designs done on the boxes In the workshop and was wondering how I would do that.

I also have a .step file below to it anyone wanted to have a look at the exact box


The boxes you see around the space are all designed using maker case. Finger joins hold them together with just a little pva glue to make sure they stay.



Was thinking of maker case but I needed more custom because it has a 3 degree angle at the top and lots of holes in the top


It is possible to create the tabs in fusion 360 it’s what I used to create a tabbed design just extrude them as separate bodies and join them to the relevant sides - when you are next in I can show you


Use maker case for the box body, then import into inkscape to punch the holes for the switches.


Might do that and just get rid of the slight 3 degree angle