Andrew Leeming, but unfortunately my name isn't 15 characters long


Responds to many different names, but mainly ‘Andrew’ and ‘Leeming’. Note: I do not respond to Andy.

PhD/Research student at UoM. Likes to make stuff, but ends up breaking more stuff.

Various skills in the dark arts, aka computery stuff

  • Python, PHP, Java, C (some), matlab …
  • Databasey stuff
  • Security (I can make you paranoid if you wish)
  • Linux ninja foo
  • How to use Google
  • Latex
  • … stuff

Skills acquired in /r/outside

  • Cutting up wooden stuff with sharp metal things (Woodwork)
  • Making fire hazards (Electronics)
  • Being sarcastic (Yorkshire)
  • Trying not to poison people (Cooking)
  • Putting out the fire in my belly (Drinking a lot)
  • Going fast and going bbBRRRRROOOMM (Being a weirdo)
  • Motorbikes

Seems about it. I hope i can edit this at a later date with slightly more serious information