Anet A8 Printer Upgrades


Yesterday I printed this companion cube on the A8

I posted it to reddit here and got a few responses from people saying what upgrades I should do - this is one

Well if it is a stock printer then there is a lot that can be done + a lot to be improved safety wise. Here are some of my suggestions:

Safety Improvements

  • MOSFET Boards
  • New Power Supply
  • Power Switch
  • Different Firmware Uploaded (recommend SkyNet3D, built for the A8, or plain vanilla Marlin w/ a custom config)

Printed Upgrades

Purchased Upgrades

  • e3d v6 Hotend
  • Igus DryLin Bearings
  • Bed-Leveling Sensor
  • e3d Titan Extruder
  • Raspberry Pi 3 + Pi Camera (for OctoPrint remote control + viewing)
  • LED Setup

Also , I know @keiran131000 has exams and work right now so I was wondering how easy some of these updates are. I seem to remember talking about buying an external MOSFET for the A8 so it dosen’t blow up?


The main problem with your print is your settings, it looks like you have your print temperature WAY too high, the only time I got a print that bad was when the thermocouple disconnected.

In terms of the upgrades listed:
Mosfets: Are on the list but its not a short term issue. the board can run fine without them, it just runs better with.
Power supply - Power supply is fine, rated for the needs of the printer, hell I run Raspberry pis, LED lights, and a more powerful controller off of mine.
Power switch - again not really necesary
Firmware - completely unnecessary, until I killed the main board (my own fault) I ran on stock, new firmware doesnt gain you anything.

Printed: Of those upgrades, we already fitted the T Corners, the other stiffeners don’t do that much, unless your printing absurdly quickly anyway.

For reference, the 2 things below were printed on a STOCK anet a8, so its not the upgrades, its your settings


These were the temps I used for the print with an 0.3mm layer heightprint temps

For my next print I am going to try an 0.2 mm layer height and 190 for the nozzle temp