Convert entire youtube channel to DVD


Does anyone know a good company who put youtube videos to DVD and post it to me? I want to my kids’ favourite youtube channels on DVD so they can just watch those and not end up watching Russia’s most violent football riots caught in full HD with slowmo replays of the bits where people die.

At the moment I only let my kids watch Blue Peter once per week and that’s it. No other TV and no tablets as it’s mostly junk. There’s loads of good stuff on youtube but also sooooo much trash.

Thanks for any tips

I did manage to download full channels using “youtube_dl” script and I tried playing them back from a USB media player but results were hit and miss with files not playing so I gave up and now I just want them on good old DVD.


There are ways but I’m fairly sure most/all are illegal due to copyright etc. Thus probs should not be discussed.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong


Thanks. Just done some reading and there are some legal “fair use” grounds for downloading youtube videos if you are using them for research. But I don’t think I fit that category

I believe I’m totally free to download my own Youtube channel’s videos (content I created) so I could legally investigate download and burn methods for my own YT channel but I’ll take that discussion elsewhere so I’m not exposing the forum to legal trouble.

Sorry! :slight_smile: