Dye Sublimation Kit


Few of us have bought Tshirts recently and they are not cheap, so looking at bringing production in house.

I’m thinking, but open to suggestions.

Dye Sublimation Printer £150

Multi function press £170

Which means we can get blank tshirts for under £2 and print them ourselves.

At @keiran131000’s suggestion


Total £320

(If you want to know how pledges work have a look at this thread)

@p0welly - £50
@Natasha - £20
@Sam_PWD £50
@keiran131000 - £20


T-Shirt printer available?

We will put £20 in the pot


I’ll throw £50 in


i’ll pledge £20


What’s the latest with this?
Am I too late to pledge £20?


We need to reassess this as some of those who pledged may no longer wish to. Also, I am looking at other means of part funding this.


Have we not got enough funds from membership to cover this already?


it really needs to be discussed whether this is a good use of membership funds, typically if we can avoid using funds from membership and use other means then that is the method we will use so membership can be used to purchase other consumable items and other costs that go to running the space. Internet, coffee, tea etc

@Fairytography was exploring other means to purchase this involving other community groups which I think is an excellent way to acquire the kit and benefit the wider community


With respect I think it needs to be discussed what the membership funds are paying for, I doubt the internet and tea/coffee are costing £500 plus per month. The next member’s meeting is 13th September so can we add this to the agenda?


We will quite happily add this to the agenda and I will investigate where funds are being used. We have to be cautious that not all members would use the equipment and therefore should investigate other funding sources as a first base


Glad to hear this is going to be on the agenda. Granted not all members would use the kit, but then not all members use the workshop either, surely there are other interesting things we should be investing in too. We have to have a range of services/equipment available to draw people into the space, or to generate an income, advertise etc, however if we cannot spend money on the things that members want (not just this, and its probably a thread on its own, but what do the members want? what equipment would bring more people in? ) then why would we expect people to continue paying membership fees?


I completely agree with you that membership fee’s must be used to continually improve the space and provide new opportunities to grow the space it’s membership and customer base. However, we must be careful not to rush into decisions based on the fact that “well the money is there”. There are many reasons for this, first and foremost we are able to purchase the better quality kit through grant funding as we can apply for far more money than we would ever reasonably raise as a membership community when other expenses are paid out.

We have utilized these previous funding streams prior to the current position of Hack Oldham, for example, the tools in the workshop were purchased, as far as I know, using grant funding from a company as part of a grant scheme. Therefore certainly some of the workshop equipment was not purchased using money raised through membership fees. Equally the ANET A8 3d printer was a successful crowdfunding attempt within the membership of Hack Oldham, yes it did take longer than just using membership money however it allowed that money to be utilized elsewhere.

There is also another reason for not spending membership money immediately on equipment and that is to ensure the bank balance is kept at a point where any unknown costs such as a broken piece of equipment, new furniture or light bulbs etc can be purchased. I know some of these are small costs but I hope the membership understand that we must refrain from spending membership fee’s if other funding streams are available.


You are mistaken however this is not the place to discuss it. I’ll will look forward to discussing this at the members meeting. By the way, where can I view the minutes of the AGM?


I’d be happy to put some money up for this. I see this as an opportunity for us to make some money back too, as many places charge quite a bit for these services


as it stands at the moment, we have put a funding bid in for this so I would suggest waiting until we hear back from that.


The industry wisdom based on my past 2 weeks of research is that if you are printing more than 10 t-shirts then screen printing is the way forward.

Me and Lisa have an interest in screen printing. I’ve got a blank aluminium frame here waiting to have a design put on it. It cost me £25. Once the design is burned onto the screen it can make 100s of t-shirts before you have to then clear the design template off the screen and then either put the same design back on or use it for another project.

So how about me and Lisa attempt to make a design template using my screen. We can do some test runs onto spare fabric to check the quality and to work on technique. That way we will have some prototypes made free of charge to show members and if the results are good then HO can invest in some ink and Lisa and I can do the production of x t-shirts.

Does Hack have a blank t-shirt supplier already from previous t-shirt orders? I think less than £2 per blank shirt is about right. Ink cost per shirt is likely to be pennies.


edit: can I have access to Hack artwork? Vector format preferred.


Sounds good to me, I will upload a vector of the hack logo (anyone on the board should have it) for you to use.

As for t shirts we don’t no. Think the plan was possibly cheap Primark shirts?


Sent on slack


Thanks. File received.
I’ll attempt to burn a screen. Apparently it can take some trial and error to get the timing right so you end up with a nice crisp template. But I’ll have a go.


Is this redbubble store controlled by Hack?