Farm Hack


Well, Farm hack is a concept borrowed from the USA ( where people share their inventions, gather and geek out. We have picked up some of the concepts they promote and spliced together with some french ideas ( from a group called L’Atelier Paysan, who organise small scale organic farmers around designing and building their own bespoke tools on their farms with a cooperative and collaborative process.

I’m part of a group called The Landworkers Alliance Cymru, Ive been organising with this group for about five years now and we have built up some momentum and membership. The focusses of this group have been lobbying and advocacy but also practical and networking events to form stronger collaborative relationships between small and medium scale agroecological farms. The LWA is part of La Via Campasina which is an international union of unions that fights the negative effects of globalisation and the policys of the world bank and g8 which errode the rights and livlihoods of peasant farmers all over the world.

The event is called “community Farm Hack” ( and its a joint venture between LWA, Farm Hack network and Social Farms and GArdens. We have two streams, one being the Hack element to do with appropriate technology in the farming context and the other ebing CSA (community supported agriculture) theme of workshops and skill shares.
Its all about farming and food, creating a sustainable and healthy food system where we use the best technology and the best community structures to connect people and make sure we can keep it all going.
At the moment im looking for folks who can chat about:
12v for the farm, so like big systems that can put out power for tools and charge big batteries. Also powering irrigation systems, ventilation, and farm robots.(
Programming arduinos for robots and ventilation systems
Engineering for robots on farm
Combustion engines, deisel and two stroke

All of these subjects are already in the mix and we may have people to talk about them, but the idea with the hacks is we have lots of good heads in the game and we share as equals the best we know.

If there is any more you need to know please feel free to ask, I’m usually on the computer twice a day so will pick up emails within 24hours

Yours Frank

Anyone want to go to the above event? Let me know and I’ll put you in touch