Hack the space days


Hi Folks, I want to put a hack the space day’s back on member’s radars including those who may feel that they don’t get as involved in the space as they may want to.

I am thinking a Sunday around mid-September to “get stuff done” I would give you a long list but the truth is there are jobs that need doing (and are ready to be done) in 90% of the rooms downstairs.

I understand some of these days have not been as successful as we may have hoped, however, we really need the help and continued support of the membership to help out and ensure that the space keeps operating. Even if there may not be tasks and jobs which play into everyone’s skillset there are lots of those pesky jobs that just need someone to do them! The 10 ish members that are here all the time, we just don’t have all the time to get it done.

So, please spare a couple of hours or a day to help us out feel free to put some input into a possible day you have free and i’ll try and find a best fit.


I would suggest that Sunday 16th September might be a good day to choose. We don’t seem to have any events on and I’m free that day.


Ok, I agree on that one - let’s provisionally put it in the calendar and go from there


Happy to be around between popping in and out of Gallery Oldham


As a ballpark - who can give at least a couple of hours to help at Hack the space

  • Yes
  • No

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A good reminder to members is that most of the jobs are not technical at all, we just need hands and minds to do them


This definitely needs reminding to members within the email that we will send out asking for help


Just a reminder ad a bit more visibility. Hack the space will be next Sunday (16th). This is a day where we try to get members together to improve the overall quality of the space. We do particularly not need technical people, mostly hands (and people attached to them).


Sorry I didn’t get in.
Fell asleep with the baby (again) and spent hours making a MAHDLO t-shirt (see other topic)




Hi all,

thanks for all those who came and helped us out today, it has been very successful and we achieved our main aims and more.

Thanks to

The next Hack the Space is in the diary for 21st October, our aim will be to tidy the electronics area of the workshop and again complete any outstanding tasks.

Hopefully running these more frequently means we can get more of the wonderful 100 strong membership because it requires less time commitment. Eventually, most of what needs doing will be just maintenance.