Hackspace Social Evening


In a bid to try and get some of the membership more involved and actually talking to each other why don’t we bring back the social evenings at hack? I know that these were organized previously, and I would like to get them off the ground again.

Any suggestions?


Sounds a plan - Movie club would also be a good members activity to consider?


agreed - fancy organising it @Samantha_Nicholson-H


@keiran131000 Depends on what day you want - Tuesdays are out, thursdays are out for me due to committee.


Whatever day is best for the membership (which includes you) maybe put a poll out for the best days for people?


Combine the open day Monday evening with members social evening? Nice chance for newbies to meet lots of existing members.


Possibly, also should we go somewhere like molino or similar or stay in the space? It’s not up to me to decide it’s up to the rest of the membership


The problem with becoming so popular is that the space is being used on many nights by one group or other.

Every Monday is the new Craft and Cake group plus open evening.

The Role play group is in every Tuesday evening with Worpress and MultiRotor once per month.

Wednesday’s we host Oldham Photoholics on week 1, the Writers Group on week 2, table top gaming on week 4

Thursday is Members’ night, we also have Webbie Zone every week and Code Up on week 1.

Friday evenings remain totally free at the moment.

Looking at this the obvious time for a social evening would be a Friday evening as the space is unused and many people won’t have work on the next day so could be more likely to attend and stay late.


We do the roleplay socials at Molino every other month. We could do film club every other month maybe on a Friday in space - I’m not technically minded but maybe October could be a good month to start - Set up a poll with spooky film suggestions e.g. classic horrors etc, see what people fancy?
If we have some pennies popcorn in the tuckshop would be a good addition for film night!


I think that’s an excellent idea Sam.


Can I open the poll with votes for Near Dark, John Carpenters Vampires and the original version of The Thing (the one with Kurt Russell)


Great idea. I’m not a film buff, but I’d certainly come along.


More film suggestions: Poltergeist, The Exorcist and Dusk til Dawn


WOuld people be up for the 19th October for a film night? I’m not technically minded so would need someone more technically minded.
John Carpenters vampires sounds ACE!


19th sounds good, I can set up


7pm start ok for people? sort of 6.30 arrival 7pm start - IF someone can set up the poll that’d be ace


Unfortunately we will be away so won’t be able to come


Could someone who knows how to do it @keiran131000 looking to you - set up a poll for film night?


What am I actually asking?


Which film p3ople would like for film night there’s been some suggestions in this thread already