Mac/illustrator help for laser cutter


Hello. I use illustrator on my MacBook to create my files for laser cutting but I can’t get them onto the software at hack. The only way I’ve managed in the past is Andy resaving them on his laptop first. Has anyone else any advice on how I can do this as I know Andy isn’t around as much any more??



Instead of saving the files, try to export instead using the *.dxf file format.

Autocad: 2010/2011/2012
scale: 1 , millimeters, 1 (unit)
Colour and file format: True Colour, *.PNG
Further options: Enable ‘Further Editability’

That should, at the very least, give you a working *.dxf file that should be read by the laser software.


Thanks for your suggestions!

I have just tried those settings now (I think I’ve got an old illustrator version as I can only choose 2004/2005/2006 version. I’m going to try it tomorrow afternoon so fingers crossed it works!

Thanks again :blush:


Hello Everyone @binkythebomb , I’ve used the exact same file settings and saving system as Anneli and unfortunately for me the laser cutter software would not open my files. I know Anneli eventually managed to get them to open and work so thats fab.

I was just wondering whether we could put 2d Tech Soft onto the computer and use that aswell as the other software?? Just as it works well with illustrator files.



The laser cutter only works with Laser Cut 5, so unfortunately your files will need to be compatible with that software