Tony Goacher...all rounder..with special bits


I’ve been doing electronics since I was 13 (50 last week) and I taught myself to program at 14. I wrote several commercial games on the Atari 8 bit computers in the 80’s, and almost finished one for the Atari ST around the same time (it actually got open sourced about 5 years ago).

I’ve studied electronics and I’m very familiar with microcontrollers and microporcessors, having programmed both extensively in assembly language (H8, 6502, Z80, 68000, PIC, 6809, 6811,6805, 8050) and C.

Nowadays I work mainly in C++, C and some C# for the worlds largest gaming company (i.e. gambling).

I’ve been trained in software, electronics and mechanical engineering. Do loads of stuff at home:
2 x 3d printers.
Laser cutter.
Loads of electronic test gear.

I enjoy making stuff for the fun of it, and having 2 kids allows me to get away with it. As a hobby I design and manufacture Laser Tag equipment (

Stuff I’ve done:

Laser tag targets

Zombie collar



Blank Firing

Gaming system lighting (FUN!)

High pressure water gun

I did the laser challenge