Workshop induction


Hi guys, I’m a new member, joined this week, and I’d like a workshop induction this weekend if it’s at all possible? Many thanks!


Hi, I keep meaning to get around to having the workshop induction since I joined earlier this year. I’d also be interested in getting this done whenever you have a timeslot available. Thanks in advance!


I am around on Sundays and can give workshop inductions.
I open at 11 till 4


Excellent! I’ll be down around 11.


That’s great I’ll be down around the same time.


Is it every Sunday that you are around to do inductions? I joined a few weeks a go and would not mind being inducted on some of the equipment


Yup I’m available on Sundays to do this. There are a few exceptions if I’m away, but I will usually let the relevant people know of that is the case


Ok great stuff. Will you be around this Sunday at all?


Yes I will be there Sunday