Workshop training


Hi I’m a new member and was wondering when the next session is to train on all the woodworking equipment would be. Thanks.


Josh, I am available to do training on Sundays.

You need to have completed the general induction first.

If Sundays are not good, there are other people that are trained to train people. But I do not know their availabilities


Just a few questions. Firstly when is the next general induction and secondly what time on Sunday are you available?


General induction should have been done when you first came a member, but I’ve had a few people that haven’t had it done, so I’ve bodged one myself.

I am at the space all day Sunday as I am the person opening/closing (11am - 4pm). Training usually takes a couple of hours to complete (for all tools). Currently the bandsaw is out of action, so I can not train you on that unfortunately.


Thanks for your help.