1 job tools / co-owning


This has been at the back of my mind for a while. It was resparked by a recent(ish) conversation with @Doctor (I think?).

I can be quite the impulse buyer. Getting ‘stuff’ because I need it for this one task… then never again. Or alternatively thinking about buying xyz, but the cost isn’t justified. Both of these problems could be solved/alleviated by having somewhere to make note of these things. The hope is that someone else also needed that item. Bish bash bosh, half price thing that can be donated to the space after use.

Or a variant thereof.

Item number 1: Practice picklock and set of picks (@p0welly)

I cant remember the rest :smiley:


I’ll chip in for that


Ok I am in need of something for heavy lifting. Just wondering if anyone has a car jack or similar that I could borrow? I have been eyeing up something like this (Car Jack on amazon), but as per this thread, trying not to buy something for a single use.

I need something to raise my motorbike off of the ground considerably. My current attempt of using a few stacked bits of wood and centre stand is not enough (I need clearance to drill underneath it)


I have a trolley jack you can borrow…I could drop it off at the space tomorrow evening.


oh wow that was fast.

I am still collecting all the equipment I need (torque wrench just been delivered). I still need to acquire a drill / chuck converter, as the drill bit I need to use is too large for my drills ( >=14mm ).

I can pick the jack up whenever really, just note I can’t do my job until I figure out the drill size issue. Cheers


How deep is the hole you need to make. I was thinking a step drill. I also have a sds drill with a chuck adapter if that’s any use…


only around an inch or so. I’m fixing a thread. Unfortunately for a M14 bolt. I was wondering about a bigger drill/sds but worried i need even more clearance (bike is going to end up 6ft in the air at this point, haha :smiley: )

edit: I am currently wondering if it is a good idea to grind off some of the bit’s girth so that it will fit in my drill. It is only a tiny bit off…


Grinding it may mean it won’t be central in the drill chuck. What is the shank diameter?


Oh bum, your correct.

Urm, off the top of my head but it should be 16mm (it is to tap a 14mm hole, and I believe size up is +2mm) and ~15mm for chuck (not measured). Sorry, bit vague. Not at home to check