Amazon "add-on" buys


Ever wanted to order something from amazon but come across the very annoying “add-on” items that refuse to be posted? Even with prime, you can not get amazon to deliver these items (even if you pay for delivery!). This causes a slight issue for buying replacement parts/odd ends for the space (or even the home).

I propose members stick links to these items on here, for a kind sole to ‘add-on’ to their own amazon orders, so that it qualifies.

I realise that some of these could be bought in bulk to avoid this situation, but I am not 100% that the following items are good enough quality/correct fit (my research says they will fit, but you never know).

Bandsaw blade replacement [Done] - Urgently needed. Bandsaw can not be used until this is bought

Sanding Disc [Done] - Needed, but not as urgent. Sander currently has a functional belt, but not a disc that actually has any grit on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Up to the kind person to decide if they want to demand money or accept it as a donation to the space :smiley: :wink:


Updated, before anyone gets duplicates (although, it wouldn’t hurt)