ANET A8 3D Printer * FUNDED *


Reposting as previous post appears to have broken - apologies to all that have received a notification

It is looking like one of the heads has gone on the robox. To replace this will cost about £99 if we can find the head for sale as CEL only stock the dual extruder upgrade for £289.90

A suggestion is to buy an ANET A88

@p0welly suggests that we could crowd fund it if enough people are up for it?

It has also been suggested that we do a day of building 3d printers if people want to see what it entailed.

They are also on sale at the moment if people wanted to build one for themselves as a group.

Any other suggestions are welcome


@p0welly £20

@Jake £20

@berk £30

@Mrnice £10

@MikeyboyZero £20

@keiran131000 £10

@Arkus £10

Total £120/£150


Ordered at £111.

@keiran131000 would you mind collecting the pledges


Yeah no probs


I can be in today to give my pledge


People who need to still give pledges - please dm me when I can collect it from you


have i given mine?


@keiran131000 maybe tick off who has paid? I know I havent


Need to check first I have it written down will check and post burn off top of my head @Jake hasn’t