Anyone want to live stream some talks


Just got a request

Hope you’re settling in at HACKs new home. After your brilliant work on TEDx I’m just looking for a quote for you to do some live streaming of a number of talks at the Oldham Learning Festival in June/July.

The talks will vary in length but they will probably last around 1 hr – 1/12 hrs. We will probably only want to steam around 5/6 talks across the week.

Would you be able to send some costing over, sorry, I know it’s vague at this point.

Anyone interested, or anyone want to do it on behalf of the space let me know and I’ll put you in touch.


talks on what exactly? I assume tech talks?


That’s all the info I have


I read it as us providing the technology but not actually doing the talks?


ahh that makes more sense then.

Never done any streaming stuff, not sure i’d know where to start