Apple App Development


I’m looking for a member who can help me achieve my goal of publishing an app on the Apple App Store. My app is created in Unity on the PC. So I’m in need of someone who has access to a Mac and the knowledge of the latest app publishing process. (I’ll purchase the dev cost in due course).
I have a graphics background, plus a 3D modelling and printing background. I would be happy to exchange my services in kind. I also design for a large aerosol company, so if you were in need of paint or aerosol products. I can arrange that.

Thank you, Charles


not a lot of the members have macs unfortunately, definitely check out the Manchester central library in the media lounge. The publishing process seems quite automatic but this site could help good luck :slight_smile:


also have you considered uploading to the playstore?, guessing you have a windows machine that you made your app on it would be easier and cost effective to upload to there. unless the market is much better on the apple app store


IOs is a bit of an issue, with the licencing requirements currently insisting on building on a (recent) Mac. I’m just starting out with Xamarin so at some point I’ll need to bite the bullet and get access to one too.

As Jake mentioned, there are some publicly accessible Macs which might be your best bet for getting started although I hate to imagine how locked down they will be. How cheeky are you, and how big is your app? Maybe you could ask for test drive in an Apple store and build your app there?


I may have what CharlesN needs. I have a Mac with Xcode on it. I am also registered as an Apple Developer. I only developed apps to run on my own bits of kit.

I have never tried to get an app published on App Store since it seemed a lot of effort for not much gain on my part.

For which of the various apple devices would the app be meant to run?