Arcade cabinet


We have a broken (assume) arcade cabinet in the co working space, does anyone want to work on a project to get some games running on it? Also maybe move it downstairs?

I am thinking a raspberry pi running retropi and find a CRT/square monitor for it


Yes. I have chassis mount 19" lcd screens we can use.


I have a great image of retropi with tons of games and emulators on that I can put on an SD card for you :blush:


I also have a USB switch to arcade button board we can use.


If it wasnt before… it is now.


it’s less broken ish :slight_smile:


I forget names but a father and son duo that come on sundays are making custom arcade cabinets. They were eyeing up when they first joined.

From what Stu said when he first dropped it off. It works, but just needs a game board (or something, I have no idea about these things)


So to update the people who don’t know, the arcade machine now has a touch screen in it. And it also has the smaller screen at the top working. We need to get a 3A 12V PSU for the second screen.

@Tweed has helped today to install windows on the beetle which will run the doorbot and is working well

@Sam_PWD has offered to do some designs for the side of it too


Rip a PSU out of one of the broken PCs downstairs.


it’s fixed now


Designing the front of the cabinet at the moment and will cut the acrylic for it soon, thsi will make it look more presentable and prevent people from putting stuff inside of it