Are we avoiding for all things?


I’ve been looking through here and debating whether or not to register the Oldham WordPress User Group with WordPress community outreach. They seem to use Meetup for everything though and we don’t.

The WordPress Foundation pays all the Meetup dues and makes it all official as long as you stick to a few rules, which we already do, and gives a wider reach on account of it all being under the same umbrella. There’s also support from them and possible swag.

I’m not going to set anything up, but I think it’s worth looking at. Any thoughts from the WP users?


Yeah go for it, its just a cost issue to not have meet up for everything so if WP foundation pay, then thats not a problem. Would be good to get it out to more people


OK. I’ll get that done now. Takes up to a week apparently.


Application sent. Since there isn’t one at the moment they’ll set one up under their account and then we can add admins in later.