Battery/electronics/computer expert needed


Is there anyone my son can speak to about a project he’s doing? He’d prefer to speak face to face but i’ll try to explain as best I can. He wants to design/build a laptop using computer parts (cheaper and better performance).
He has partly designed it but needs to talk to some one about batteries. A normal laptop battery won’t be suitable so he’s trying to make his own battery and battery management system. Are there any members who we could arrange to meet at the space to discuss this with? We can provide details of components, predicted power usage and possible battery configuration if this helps. Thanks juliette


We have an open evening on a Monday night and a digital drop-in on a Saturday morning, both are good times to speak to members who might be able to point you in the right direction.


Any expansion on that? I know from looking at similar in the past, that you need to be very careful of some modern batteries and making sure you don’t over charge them etc


Batteries are really hard. I’ve known electronics professionals really screw up in this field. I know no-one who could advise on this.


Not sure what you mean by expansion. Please could you clarify?
He was using the battery management system to stop the batteries from overcharging. Thanks


Thanks, we were going to come to a members night but weren’t sure if there be some one there who was knowledgeable in this area. We would be travelling up from altrincham so its quite a long journey.