Cleaning the space


Hi Folks,

The council have informed me that the do not have the budget to pay for cleaning for both Hack Oldham and Wayra and so our cleaning is to stop as of the 28th of February.

This leaves us in somewhat of a pickle

We need to :

  • Provide 8 sanitary bins which need to be emptied monthly by an external contractor (this is a legal thing), it looks like it about £90 per bin per year.
  • Organise a refuse contract to remove any rubbish we produce costs seems to be about £10 per bin per empty.
  • provide our own cleaning supplies and toilet roll
  • Work out a rota for cleaning the space

I suspect this will cost in the region of £2500 per year, or £200 a month.

As always ideas welcome


So are Wayra not paying for half of it?


No their cleaning and waste removal will continue to be provided by the council, we only have to worry about the basement and ground floors.


Anything I can do to influence? Feel free to give me a ring. Unlikely but you never know.

It does feel like leaving you in the lurch, and there should be some halfway house solution?


If we close some of the cubicles and mark them “out of order” we could save some money on sanitary bins


I have also thought this, how many cubicles do we really need for members/residents? We should also explore the requirements given the facilities are not public and there are no female employees (plus there is provision in the disabled loo)


Just so it’s documented it may be worth establishing the general cleaning tasks that need to be carried out. Bin wise we can save money on not recycling - yes I know it’s not the best solution but and extra £30 per bin per empty is money saved. Toilet roll wise we can again save money by making some cubicles “out of order” and I would suggest finding out how much gets changed when the cleaner does it. - Also cleaning supplies what do we need?

Also where do the council plan on keeping the bins? The cupboard will require them dragging them through the space, which we will then become responsible for cleaning. What if it’s raining when the bins are brought in.

  • clean the entrance
  • Clean the ground floor
  • Clean the meeting room
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Clean the stairs to the basement
  • Clean the downstairs toilets


It’s actually been suggested they will be put up on the ground floor (via the lift)


still got to be dragged via our space - which we have to clean


OK so the toilets are disgusting, I’m pretty sure I cleaned them last after the “incident” and they haven’t been cleaned since.

Understandably not many people are volunteering for toilet cleaning duties so I’m going to get some quotes to find out what a cleaner will cost.


out of interest, where are our cleaning supplies kept? are we sharing the cleaners cupboard?

I’ve noticed that the basement toilets do not flush very well, maybe that is the reason why they are getting grotty?


Have mentioned about the toliets am going to make some flush twice signs. Cleaning kit in our cupboard is all our and not shared


Cleaning cupboard is ours, keys are in the cabinet.

The flush clearly isn’t adequate, I wonder if there is a standard that we can test? If its faulty or below standard then the council will need to fix it.


we will have to make a log of what does and doesn’t flush then? :sweat_smile:


We have a cleaning company coming in on Wednesday to give us a quote. I’m thinking of having the toilets cleaned a couple of times a week to start but I’m open to other ideas.

I’ve also head back from commercial waste, they are coming to see us on the 15th, that’s 6 weeks after the initial enquiry.


cleaning.pdf (1.0 MB)

Quote attached, basically we are looking at

£80 per week to have the toilets cleaned 3 times
£1.50 per bin bag removed
£320 sanitary bins

All prices exclude VAT


As suggested a cleaning sheet has been put up in both the gents and ladies toilets. If you clean the toilets, please record it :slight_smile:

I have done a clean of both toilets. The aim is to monitor the toilet situation to get a good baseline for how often toilets need cleaning. I bought some bleach for toilets too.

Anyone that has prevoiusly cleaned the toilets, could you please let me know when? More data is useful.

Edit: One thing that I am a little unsure about, so open to constructive suggestions, is what to do with used paper towels. Environmentally, I’d like to say this was recyclable paper, but to my knowledge, companies usually put them in general waste. If so, this would be part of a larger strategy of waste removal .


We must be nearly out of paper towels by now, in which case should we consider installing hand dryers instead? I would suggest just having hand towels which are changed regularly however I’m not sure this is suitable as it isn’t only members using the facilities.