OK folks we’re doing really well with the volunteers covering the custodian duties, the issue we now have to address is cleaning the space. Part of our lease is the building has to be kept clean and tidy and while people are doing bits we need to get things better organised.

I think as a start we need to do the following, the question is then who is going to do it and when? Do we do it, or do we pay a cleaner of out own.

As a minimum I think we need to:


  • Clean the entrance
  • Sweep & mop
  • Put toilet cleaner down loos
  • Wipe down the kitchen


  • Clean Residents area
  • Clean Meeting room
  • Full toilets clean
  • Full kitchen clean
  • Clean the stairs
  • Clean outside the toilets

As needed

  • Empty Bins
  • Anything else as required

Any other suggestions welcomes?