Co-working space printer


Has anything changed on the network that would stop the printer having internet access?

The scan to email setting has disappeared from the main menu and in the printers web interface it was the smtp server is not responding, however the email account is working fine.

@LeemingA @keiran131000


The printer is plugged into the network via ethernet isn’t it? I’ve not touched that side of things yet.
Nor have I experimented with the printer menus, but wasn’t going to touch it from an admin POV for a very long time anyway (not much experience with them)

TL;DR : Not me ( I think)


What about the new DNS server?

The printer seems unable to communicate with any SMTP servers. it last worked on the 29th of Jan but wasnt working on the 2nd of Feb


Eventually got it working using the ip address of the smpt server so I suspect its something to do with the dns changes, however if added and removed it so many times today it could be anything.


hmm, well the DNS server I set up isn’t recursive, so things should then move onto their 2nd dns resolver which is either (recursive). Might need to check if DNS is manually being set or if it is pulling it from WiFi (the printer is wired isn’t it? so it wouldn’t know about the DNS server)