Comms Room - Jun 2017

  • Sort computers and dispose of dead stuff - KW & JG

  • Clear floor of comms room so people can enter and work in there KW

  • Install rails

  • Rails on switch. Not happy it is left sagging

  • move vertical rails forward and rear ones back(?)

  • Move cabinet back into the corner and hope we don’t need to move it again

  • Get (UPS) power supply battery bank for switch+key servers.

  • Neat and consistent wiring (plus colour scheme suggested)

  • Set up LDAP+FreeIPA on large cloud server

  • configure network in general

    • Get password or reset routers - AP
    • Set up the VLANs properly
    • Set up subnet and private/static ip assignments
    • Tighten security - close switch ports
  • Move over any server into virtual instances (for space reasons)
    * SIP Server - KW

  • Nominate 2nd sysadmin/someone for sharing important/password information

  • Patch point mappings (not seen it online yet?) - KW



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The google sheet for patch points is online on the drive


Can you link to it please?


Would it be possible to change the password on the cloud server so stuff can actually be set up on it?


For future reference it’s in the network data folder


I dont think @LeemingA has actually finished setting it up at the moment, best let him finish that before we break it.

Should be documented in the wiki when its finished :grinning:


I was told it is set up but needs the password changing - should be a fairly simple job to make it so we can actually tick of the job on the list


Good stuff, might be work setting up a wiki page on the network, with public info on the wiki and secure info held in google docs linked from it.

Idea situation is the answer to any question should be “have you checked the wiki.”


Ok will do


@leeming could you make ur post a wiki so we can edit it?


Yeah, I have a private set of notes for some of the stuff atm. Saturday was a last min rush for getting stuff working (was sat on my hands for a while). Once things are stable, wiki versions will happen

I didn’t add it on the todo list. I do need to change the password, but I am not going to give it out publicly. That is part of nominating a backup sysadmin person for me to share passwords with - proposed: Me + ??? + @p0welly for redundancy/emergencies

I did ask if you had any requests for vm install, to just let me know the OS and I can set it up and give you login details. Possibly a different thread tho.


Ok can I have a Debian is installed for the sip server


Move it to the top post which is a wiki

True, but remember people have jobs, lives, etc etc so when someone is volunteering to do something we can’t be too precious about time scales plus while that may be a quick job, it might have a knock on effect on others.

I’m happy to do it, but @TomMclean may be a better choice if he has the capacity.

@LeemingA Maybe its worth setting up a form for these requests so they can be queued up and have some idea of timescales?


Or maybe they should just be added to the sysadmin thread


@LeemingA I am happy to setup requested virtual machines once it is setup - it’s something I am interested in and I can be around to set them up for people since I have quite a bit of time atm


Yeah, but didn’t want to push nominations onto people, wanted them to volunteer :wink:

I added you, mostly as a sane last resort backup. Also director/board type thing[quote=“p0welly, post:14, topic:841”]
Move it to the top post which is a wiki

Sorry, didn’'t realise we were top posting

Yes. probs for the best. Will have a think if there is anything special people need to ask for, other than distro


Ive chased the access point admin details again.



The good news is I have the password for the access points and I’ve put it in a folder in the comms room (We should put everything that’s on the network in this folder)

The bad news is the username and password is wrong and so is the ip address of the second access point.


I’ll quite happily put myself forward for anything SysAdmin as I know my way around that sort of thing.