Comms room


Putting this here for now so all can see, will move it once it’s set up;

Grey : Data
Red : Door Access
Blue : VOIP
White : Misc
Pink : Server

Will drop in a load of half metre cables tomorrow and wire if I have time

Will also try and source a KVM


Sounds good - I am happy to plug it up


The current wiring makes me very anxious =)


Are we any further on with this? or does anyone know a place to get reasonably priced ethernet cables?


Networking jobs had halted a little bit recently. Mostly due to pressure to get the workshop finished.

Cheapest option in my mind is to buy a cable reel and Ethernet plugs separately and make our own cables. Means they are the correct lengths too. I’m sure we have the tool already for it (just an idea)


Sounds good I am happy to take over patching the switch and ports in if its needed also if there is anything else I can help with I am quite happy to volunteer as a second network person


if you could learn some basics on ESXi (vmware) that be cool also… I can change the password to a ‘safe’ one


Sounds good you showed me some and I know some already so when you can shoot us the pwd


OK, the cables need patching in properly within the near future so we can start organising the network

I am thinking buy a reel of cable, some ends (preferable with guide rails inside) and crimps for the space

Amazon seem to stock some


any suggestions shout up please!