Crompton House needs volunteers


Anyone able to help?

We are delivering a GO4SET challenge at Crompton House School to engage and inspire young people to consider STEM in the career choices.

The GO4SET is a project based challenge, where by students work in teams of 6 to work on an environmentally themed project, produce a written report and deliver a 5-minute presentation on their work to a panel of assessors. The students are supported by industry mentors, which is where we are looking for volunteers.
The employer volunteer mentors can come from any profession as we are looking to support the young people in all types of skills to prepare them for the world of work.

The scheme launches on the 06th February at Crompton House school 9am-3pm (if not free all day then either morning or afternoon). Then the students will continue to work on their project in allocated science lessons (see attached).

We are looking for volunteers to attend any of the session (science lessons attached) to support the students to complete their project.
The students will then have a Celebration and Assessment Day where they will go head to head with the other teams to decide upon an overall winner.
We also require volunteer assessors to be on the judging panel.

Any support that can be offered to this school and their pupils would be fantastic.


I may be interested in supporting this if there is any more info?


That’s all I’ve got, Ive said I’ll do the 6th which is the launch day, but I know they are desperate to get more people to help.


They are still looking for volunteers, some more details below.

Thank you for agreeing to support the teams at Crompton House Church of England Academy in Oldham. Without you we would not be able to run the programme, you are providing invaluable support to the young people in Oldham.
Please see below what to expect on the day. I’ve also attached the programme to make it easier for you to plan.

The day will start at 8.30am and we are aiming to finish at 14.30pm

The address is as follows: Rochdale Rd, Shaw, Oldham OL2 7HS, there is limited parking on site but there is off street parking.

If you have got DBS check can you, please bring a hard copy with you on the day?

On the day teams will get 3 project options to choose from and they will decide which project they want to work on. I’ve attached the project briefs for your information.

We have also allowed time for a Question and Answer session to give the students the opportunity to find out about what your careers look like? Students would like to find out more about the real – life engineering and how they can use the knowledge they learn.
If you are happy to we’d ask all volunteer mentors to give a brief overview of their career, what qualifications you have and the route you took to get them i.e, apprenticeship, degree etc.
Below you can see some points to consider.
• Who you are where you are working now, and how you got into the role
• What sorts of things are you working on?
• Are you happy with the choices you made ?
• What was it like when you joined initially your company ?
• What degree did you do ?

If you are not attending the launch day on the 6th February can you please read the attached handbook before attending the project session.

SLD Programme 06-02-18.doc (174 KB)
Eco Hotel.pdf (434.2 KB)
The Business of Recycling.pdf (355.5 KB)
The Eco Classroom.pdf (343.5 KB)
Go4SET Handbook 2016 no covers.doc (831.5 KB)