Film Club Tue 4th August 2015


So here are the available films.

Southpaw :- Times 20.45 Duration 123mins Trailer

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Times 19.00 : 19.30 : 21.10 (small screen) Duration 131 mins Trailer

Fantastic Four (Unlimited screening) (I don’t know how this affects meerkat movies, i.e might only be available for unlimited card holders) Times 20.15 Duration 121mins Trailer

Hot Pursuit Times 18.40 : 21.00 Duration 87 mins Trailer

Any preference? Any suggestions?


I’ll be going to see fantastic four either way but don’t have that force any decision I’m happy going on my own


If I am available, I’d be happy to see all but Southpaw. I am not an unlimited card holder, so that might exclude me from that one.

Which cinema do you usually/plan to go to? I’m guessing cineworld (Ashton?) due to the unlimited card reference?


Doesn’t exclude you, infact chances are we can get you in free.

Ive got the Merekat movies thing so can get 2 for 1 on wed and thursday, and yes its ashton moss we go to.


Hi Andy (L)

I should have been clearer in my initial post.

We visit Ashton Cineworld on the film club night as Andy P, Andy H and myself have unlimited cards. Two of my friends Gary and Daryl also have cards.

If you go to and get a quote for one day UK travel insurance for yourself you will be quoted £2.05 (or thereabouts). If you “purchase” the insurance you are the qualified for Meerkat Movies for 12 months which means that on Tues/Weds you can get 2 for 1 on tickets. This can be applied to cineworld unlimited cards meaning that there are potentially five people who can go once a week for a year by paying a one off £2.05 each

To get a code you either install the app (IOS/Android as usual) or through the website and a code is generated which you give to the cashier at Cineworld when booking with the unlimited card.

Hope this explains a little.

I think the consensus is moving towards Mission Impossible for this Tuesday as Cineworld have not bothered to reply to my enquiry as to whether Meerkat movies are applicable on Unlimited preview screenings.

As an aside, the printworks in Manchester have a “FlashBackFans” night where every monday they show a classic film and charge £4. The current list is here.



Take a look at this might be usefull for future posts, basically the post title has to start with poll: and then format the post as below

 * $0 - $1,000
 * $1,000 - $10,000
 * $10,000 - $100,000
 * $100,000 - $1,000,000


Funky :smile:

On your example, which do I choose for $1000 ? :wink: heh


Ha, hadn’t noticed that copied and pasted from the discourse website.


I just took a look at the seat map for the 7.30pm showing on screen 4 and there is not a single seat sold!. I guess we don’t have to book in advance :slight_smile:


Hope that doesn’t say anything about the quality of the Film!

@All0fTheThings is coming to so we have 2 Meerkat tickets available.


This is the current seat map. The house seats are seats that are not available for booking. It is handy to know this as you can abuse it by choosing seats behind them and then sitting in them so that no idiot can sit behind kicking you :slight_smile:

The current list is Andy H, Andy P, Andy L?, Di, Stu, Gary, Daryl, Jake?

Do you think we should book now or at the cinema? There are only 11 seats booked so far.

If there are meerkat bookings I think we’ll have to book at the venue as I can’t see a way to combine unlimited and meerkat on the website.

See you around 7.15.



Yeah put me down. I’m unlikely to actually get some work done tonight anyway :stuck_out_tongue: Also for future reference, you dont need to worry about remembering another Andy. I am an Andrew :wink: alternatively Leeming. But not Andy.

I don’t really mind where we sit, as long as it isn’t A-E.

edit : no meercats or unlimited card. I can try to sort out the meercat deal in the future. Also, if someone is planning on getting the tickets first and there is a cost involved (i.e paying full price for some), I have a student card


I think we’ll get tickets when we get there then, no cost to you @LeemingA, you can be my merekat…

But you do have to wear the costume.


You know… I would if you actually had the costume. I’m weird like that