Game Design Survey


I have been working on a game design and it would be a great help to pick up some thoughts and information about gaming tastes and preferences. If you could complete my simple survey it would be most welcome!
A few people have already been guinea pigs and I hope to bring an updated version for another feedback session if people are interested!


Done, but I didn’t understand what Q10 was asking so had to mark all as ‘ok’.

I was also a little unsure at the beginning if you were talking about boardgames or not (missed the groups title on here), i assumed it was anyway. Not sure if I knew what some of the categories were - ‘Thematic’ and adaptable/customisable.


Many thanks for looking and doing the survey :slight_smile: It’s surprisingly hard to get the wording generic - thematic for me is around say Sci Fi, military, historic. Adaptable is you can bespoke the game without changing it - say in Monopoly where a local rule could be fines go under Parking and whoever lands there gets the money accumulated.