Good local web designer wanted to make responsible website


Who would you recommend and why?
Preferable a local company so that I can sit with them and look over their shoulder whilst we work on a design together.

I’m looking for someone who is really good with CSS and who has enough patience to deal with an indecisive customer.

Thanks :slight_smile:


There’s probably half a dozen devs around the space myself included.

Is it a CSS issue or are you looking at a full website?


I think I’ve jumped the gun here. I’m not ready, it’s not you it’s me!!
I’m so nervous about changing it in case it ends up converting less

The website is based on the TXP CMS and just needs making responsive
without resulting in customers behaving in a less profitable way. So I’m
very nervous.

Abort mission!!


I’m not familiar with TCP CMS but you are right to be cautious about making dramatic changes that will impact conversion rates.

If your issue is lack of responsiveness you may have other options, ie serving a secondary site off the same database to mobile users, or even just making minor tweaks, all of which can be split tested in order to ensure you’re still converting traffic.

Happy to have a look at give you some pointers if you like.


Thanks Andy
I’ve never done any split testing (bad I know) but I’ll work with my
existing web guy (it’s not his main job hence the delays) and come up with
a plan that involves the option to incorporate split testing Cheers :slight_smile: