Got wood? - working in a group


Since people may or may not be aware (multiple channels of comms). I have managed to get £250 of funding for our wood shop. Before I assume supreme dictatorship, who else is interested in the group?

In the funding application (ROCA application) I said ‘we’ would try to get a set of tools for beginner classes. Idea there was basically to get a nice set of safety stuff and hand-tools. I know we have various odd bits n pieces, but not quite proper sets of things (that aren’t rusty).

With this said, I am mindful that we have £250 to spread thinly to get started. My feeling is to get either a bandsaw or belt sander first. Reason being that these are ‘big buys’, whereas other things can be bought with smaller private donations. I’m unsure about ROCA funding buying secondhand stuff, but base price of either of the big items on amazon was ~£150 (Machine mart/ other, might be different).

Smaller (priority) buys:

  • Ear defenders
  • Goggles (reusable for other activities)
  • Dust masks
  • Wood supplies (Various bits exist in the roof, but thinking more 2x4 and sheet materials)
  • … other… (brain dead now, see amazon list)

I have been working on some small projects lately in the space. I am mainly trying to organise things and create storage/furniture for tools in new space. I Will try to make a separate post about this, but people are welcome to contribute

While I’m thinking about ‘smaller private donations’. What is the view of me paying my subs (I think I’m due) as fitting out the woodworking space? (@p0welly, @binkythebomb - Opinions?)

I remember us having loads of handsaws without blades. Not seen them for months (where are they? Is my memory playing tricks on me?)

Slightly rushed, a lot of things are currently happening in the office :smiley: dont want to be left out


I’m fine with you laying dictatorship of the woodshop, the official swearing in ceremony can take place next time your in the space (involves hitting your thumb with a hammer and lots of cursing. Your choice of words).

As for the funding and tools; Not sure which would make more sense between the Saw and Sander. Saw would make more sense for large objects, lumber etc, where as the sander is more a ‘finishing up’ tool.

And yes, we need a large number of hand tools that are in good nick.

As previously discussed, if we want lumber for the space, we’d have to get quotes from the various suppliers in the area as most are membership only (except B&Q which is just extortionate). We’ll need to figure out how much storage space we can allocate for lumber first (as for where, it makes sense to put it in the room at the far end of the building, a straight walk from workshop to storage).

So long as it’s in writing and agreed with by the main members (Grand council of wizards), I’d be fine with using your subs for fitting out the workshops woodworking section.

You remember correctly, try on the trolley, I think I saw some of them on there.

As for face-masks, we have one of these already in my gear, very easy to maintain and comfortable to wear, breathing is almost unrestricted…


I agree, but since I broke (it broke itself ok) the orbital sander, currently leaves just the ‘mouse’ sander. I have no idea how to use that one (how to attach pads, online suggests Velcro or spray glue?). On the overhand, I forsee the bandsaw being a lot more of a general tool for everyone. That said, we do have a smaller scroll saw (no scrolls or saws though). @bingojackson Might have an opinion on these points?

I’ve been on the lookout for a while for this. Local to me is somewhere that sells to the public. Delivery is an issue, so sheets need to be small enough for my mini car (which is smaller than the current mini). That or figure out how to attach to my bike. :astonished:

Either way, I will keep my eyes open. Members might have better knowledge of the area and places that sell to the public + not extortionate delivery rates. Issue for a little bit down the road, not urgent.

Depending on space and how it all comes together, was thinking it would be fine in the main area (new place, not current). As we expand and collect more junk, urm stuff, we can re-evaluate then.

I was just thinking on a practical level. Me -> Workshop, vs Me -> The Bursar (fetch the frog pills) -> workshop.
Happy to do it either way.

Next time I’m around, will need to go thru the heavy metal collection then.

I was thinking we had a set of generic safety for randomers, with the option of just letting veterans get their own preferred stuff. These seen to get favourable reviews and works out at less than a quid a pop. Unsure how durable they are, but for the price I think it is worth trying (objections? else I will get them**)

Hopefully I have everything under wrap. I was just trying to be explicit and open in my plans. Multiple comms channels and no one having access to my mind (not even me at times)

** How is post/delivery to the space currently handled? If I order anything, shall I order to the space or bring them in? Don’t want to be a burden (well more than currently :smiley: ) to the grounds keepers (@AndyHughes86 + @p0welly)


I vote bandsaw. You can sand by hand but you can’t bandsaw by hand.


No problem with your lording it over the work shop as its not really an area I know much about, although @TomMclean has offered to sort out the inductions :smile:

A poll may be useful here, and also when referring to things people might not know images would be good, so:


Belt sander

I have on occasion wished we had a beltsander so that gets my vote, but agree on the private donations pledges etc to will add to meeting agenda.

  • Bandsaw
  • Belt Sander

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I’ve found Howarth Timber and Building on Shaw road to be good. And local too.

It certainly makes sense to have some materials at the space, but are members going to be charged for them?
If so, how is this to be organised. If half a sheet of ply is used, is it 50% of the cost etc. Just playing devils advocate.

For comparison, HacMan have (very) small quantities of material (basically offcuts) available for free use. Anything bigger then you are expected to supply your own materials.


Talking of offcuts, ive got it on my todo list to go and speak to B&Q, if anyone is passing by feel free to ask them about this.


You could try! :smile:

Meaning “how not to kill your self” lessons?

Ooo sowwie. There I go again assuming people know what the frik I’m talking about :smiley:
I’m very mixed about which to get, both have pros and cons, but practical side of things does lean towards bandsaw.

This is something else that would need the community to agree on. FabLab charge a nominal cost for materials but leave off-cuts out to use for free. Practically, it would make sense to have someplace for member’s wood/stash and also the facility of buying materials from a community stockpile. Debate if pricing == cost to buy originally (scaled to size) OR plus some donation tax. Personally I lean towards the second option for the long term, as it allows bulk buying, while (hopefully) keeping costs lower for members to buy (compared to say B&Q). In the short term however, I guess it depends on who is purchasing said items and if it is for private or group usage? If so, need a way to ‘reserve’ things. Would also help when things are left out, “Is this bit of wood off-cut waste, or vital part of a project?” (minor point for agenda)

That sounds cool. Since you said it is on your to do list, I’m guessing you haven’t started to pursue this yet? If so, I’m sorry to say, but we might need to block you from taking on another task :smiley: Delegation! Or if someone volunteers (or did I just volunteer myself?)


Just popped into b&q on the way home, will explain all tomorrow.


Right, just to document / give a heads up. I’ve ordered a set of safety gloves and dust masks. No eye/ear protection yet (need to find a good price/quality balance still). Feel free to rip into the box on my behalf, it’s nothing personal :stuck_out_tongue:

 Your order will be sent to:
           Andrew Leeming
           Hack Oldham
           4-6 Hardcastle Street
           OLDHAM, Lancs OL1 1SU
           United Kingdom


Order Details
Order #206-7038688-1957166
Placed on March 12, 2016

 H&S® 12 Pairs High Quality Black Nylon PU Safety Work Gloves Builders Grip Gardening Black & White (9 / L, Black)
 Condition: New
 Sold by H&S Alliance Limited
 Fulfilled by Amazon

 Silverline 633895 Respirator Fold Flat Valved FFP3 NR Display Box - Pack of 25
 Sold by Amazon EU S.a.r.L.

 Item Subtotal: £24.62
 Postage & Packing: £0.00

 Total Before VAT: £24.62
 VAT: £3.13

 Order Total: £27.75
 Selected Payment Method: Visa


Okie dokie boys and girls, not sure if the ROCA money has hit the bank account yet, but it is all done (well spoken for). Currently we are at ~£120 deficit, which will hopefully be covered by pledges(see wiki)/donations/whatever. If all goes to plan, we will have a goodbag (van load) of woodworking equipment being delivered by myself and David (unsure if on here?) on Tuesday. Absolutely have no idea where it is going to go (@p0welly are we allowed to store things downstairs until the move?), unless we can optimise some of the current space (I’ve been eyeing up that desk in the corner of the workshop…not very space efficient)

I’ve not heard much on interested parties yet. But ideas for what we could work on first would be nice. I’ve already started on the tablesaw table. I just need to finish off the base+mobility. Ideally it would need an outfeed table, but space is limited currently, so I think we can wait. Other than that, vertical storage would help a ton.
On the education side of things, I’m hoping to learn how to do various joints (no, not that type ) soon.

Suggestions for starting a meet up time/day would be nice (mainly to advertise and attract newbies to the space). Suggestions welcome. Very likely to clash with various things, but we promise to be quiet (ish).

Finally, since the ROCA money comes with some basic terms+conditions, it would be nice to know how much the workshop is being used (roughly, just so we can justify that xx people made use of it). I’m just wondering if a very low tech ‘book on a string’ would be good enough for people to note down usage (again rough, “Leeming : 1/6/16 : Drill + Saw”, kinda thing)
… ohhhh and before I forget AGAIN. We have been asked about a radio interview, but potentially as a general Hackoldham thing, instead of individual groups. (@Kate_Smyth have they been in touch with you?)

I’m going to keep my eye open for any good deals on freecycle/gumtree regarding wood + tools. Feel free to do the same.

Anywho, I’ve babbled for enough now. No idea if anyone will pay attention to this post anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


@5tatman Is your man with a van


Is there an update to this, or was there an action on me to do something (other than pillage tons of tiles)?

Is anyone interested in the woodworking group yet? Doesn’t matter if you have no/little skills in the area (neither did I until I gave it a try :wink: ). We have plenty of tools now, so once I can get a list of people interested, I can start to think about if/when we have a meetup day.


I’m interested, I have zero skills in wood work (It would be like teaching a baby how to walk!) but wanted to learn for a while :relaxed:


Ok I will think about some simple projects to get people up to speed then :slight_smile: No hand holding though. It makes sanding harder/dangerous! :wink:


Little update:

I’ve added basic information to the wiki for our new tools. I’ve also tried to add a few more subsections to the workshop page (mostly placeholder text, but the jist is there).

My workshop related to do list currently consists of:

  • Receipt for ROCA / get reimbursed
  • Check back with lady we got the stuff from for additional items (1 or 2 things missing too)
  • Organise an initial meetup for wood group
  • Buy + fit replacement bandsaw blade and sander belt
  • Figure out lathe + Morticer + Planer
  • Then give brief introduction to members on the tools (possibly first meetup?)
  • Publish my next plan of the new workshop :stuck_out_tongue: just need to add in dimensions of tools before showing it off

Possibly a lot more to mention, but feel like I’m talking to myself/blogging, so no pressure for me to remember right now :smiley:


I’m quite interested in joining the wood work group. In need of a project to do and I remember I thoroughly enjoyed wood work when I was in school many moons ago. Pretty much a newbie but I’m very hands on and don’t mind getting my hands dirty (hopefully not bloody). Quick with learning and quite good with my hands.
Would be happy to contribute somehow if I can.
Looking forward to meeting new people.



I’m around at really random times (usually very late on Saturday). No real projects yet, other than figuring out how stuff works and preparing for our exodus. Let me know good days for a potential meetup/evening/intro. Still early days, but need to get cracking on getting evidence to justify funding money :wink:

Will be about Monday evening . attending an event down the road at ~5-7pm, so maybe before or after


Count me in too. Had a bit of experience with making shelves/cabinets and stuff with dowelling but access to wood lathe, morticer and thicknesser will be great.


When you eventually pick an evening I have a job for you…