Group Purchase - Lock picking


Currently available at bang good is a full lock picking set and practice lock

These get cheaper as we buy more, so if we all list how many we want for ourselves / the space, we can all get them cheaper


I’ll have a set please


In fact one for get a couple for the space too


I’ll have one please


10 have been ordered and are on the way

Currently reserved:
1 for me, 1 for berk, 2 for a friend, 1 for andy, 2 for the space

3 Available (£8.60 a piece)


Looks like we got stung by Duty on the way into the UK, theyre charging £1.60 per set just to let them in the country


Ill take a chunk of the import duty, cause it makes numbers easier, so itll be £10 per set


There is an additional set at my house too from a few weeks ago. Sorry I’ve been vacant lately :\