Hack 1.0


Hack 1.0

  • Move lathe
  • Move potters wheel
  • Move Furniture
  • Move A0 Printer
  • Move Vinyl Cutter - TG
  • Tidy up
    • Tip Run



I can move stuff on Saturday afternoon (Prolly from 3-4pm) 'Bustin in the morning for a few hours in Rochdale.


@LeemingA I know you are still using stuff in 1.0 but is there anyway you can identify what you no longer need?


Ah sorry. I was going to drop in sometime this week to do this wasn’t I? erk :confused:

Obvious stuff i am still using.

  • Saw + table
  • Bits of wood (anything left in the corner where the PC/vinal cutter is, is fine to move to 2.0)
  • Measuring stuff
  • Glue/screws
  • Possibly bandsaw
  • Possibly Mitre saw
  • Planer
  • Large box of tools (cardboard moving box)
  • clamps
  • 1x extension
  • jigsaw stuff in the corner by the laser cutter is mine :slight_smile: (kinda still need to use it for a final thing (need to add a font package to the pc), but my own fault for not being faster)

Mind going a little blank now… I know the majority of the stuff in the small steal drawers + mechanics drawers mostly isn’t needed (there might be the odd thing, but can’t think off the top of my head… but can always recover them).

I’m not available tomorrow, else I would have come down to remind myself