Hack oldham is moving!


Eventually, sometime later this year.

What we need right now however is to get organised, cleaned up and ready to make that happen as quickly and hassle free as possible. At the moment we have equipment we are not using, desks and shelves overflowing with kit (some known and unknown) and a large amount of undocumented equipment cluttering up odd corners and any available surface.

And in a few months time (hopefully) we will have to pack all this away, move it up the road and unpack it again. This topic is designed to get a start on this process by organising members and getting resources together to help clean the space up now, pack away what we are not using, and document all the gear we have available (as well as throw out anything that is broken beyond repair).

The sections we’ll need to clean up and get organised are the:

Electronics and Soldering Mostly in need of cleaning and organising
The Workshop (Andy Leeming has made great strides here, but we could do with helping out all the same)
Computers David (me) has been documenting and sorting these out already
Makie Makie and Crafting gear For the most part these are already organised, but undocumented
Sewing Machines and Supplies Documenting and organising, one machine needs a part printing
Wargames and Boardgames Documenting, Cleaning and Organising
Printers and Vinyl Cutter Cleaning and Organising
Kitchen Cleaning and documenting (Bell, Book and Candle if it fights back)
Bookshelves Documenting what we have mainly, though Shelf needs some minor repair
Touchscreens/Game Boards and misc equipment Documenting and Organising
Rafters (Biggest Job) Organising, Cleaning and Documenting (Biggest Job, save till last)
And Finally
Shelves A lot of gear spilled over onto the members shelves, needs sifting through and organising.

(Organising = Keep it or throw it out.)

So here’s the thing, we need volunteers to help with all this. Commitment need only be a few hours at a time, an afternoon or an evening, whatever time you can spare, we have a few months to get all this done in, but sooner would be better as we can start packing the unused equipment away to free up some space.

Something else we could do with is resources in the form of boxes or stackable plastic crates. If you have spares, or know somewhere locally that is selling some at a reasonable price (cheaper the better though), this would help the overall effort a great deal, turning a few square feet of floor space can become a few cubic feet of storage heaven.

Lastly we need to make arrangements for taking things to the recycling centre (The Tip as it is often known). As it stands we’re looking at less than a handful of trips (four or five at most) by my reckoning but many hands make light work, and if anyone with a car would like to help after every few sessions with this, we would greatly appreciate it (cheeky I know, but I’m still not driving at the moment or I would borrow the car and do it myself on Saturdays).

That’s it from me for now, over to you.

(And thank you all in advance)


I am happy to start boxing things up, but where will things be placed in the mean time? We also need boxes. I guess this also gives us the opportunity to make an inventory of the smaller things we own, something I haven’t got round to doing yet for the workshop.

Last time i was around, I cut quite a few french cleats. Meaning more wall space can be utilised for storage. The added bonus here is that the cleat system allows us to rearrange things and remove them to transport to new space! Modular organisation :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

As for the rafters query. A lot of it is random wood. Something I keep eyeing up and trying to figure out a good use for…


I can donate about 18 stacking boxes. I’ll pop round with them sometime next week.

I also have a trailer so can help with “recycling” runs.



We have plenty of little drawers for electronic components now so we can make a start on sorting resistors, capacitors and other stuff. I’ll be in on Saturday for Restart Party, so will get started on that then.


Count me in for doing a tip run as I pass it on my way to work.


Can’t help with the tip runs…it would be a bus run for me :wink: but I’ll sort out the sewing machine and sort out the missing bit. I need to RA and make sure we have instructions for the different machines so it makes sense to sort everything over a couple of days. Happy to help with any other bits - I know I always say it…but I can only help on my kid / library free days but I will do my best. Thanks for the post Dave!


I noticed there were a lot of small drawers in the fab area on my last visit. I am unsure if it would be a good idea to acquire some of the medium sized ones for the workshop, or if it would be better to just make some containers for holding/sorting the hardware.

We currently have quite a lot of space/empty drawers in the steel (metal) drawers, but maybe not quite suited for the workshop area atm (?). In my mind, im thinking ~10cm square boxes would be good for storing the nuts n bolts. So if there are that kinda sized component drawers that might be going spare, give me a shout?

Failing the above, I was thinking of adding some separator/inserts into the metal drawers. Just not sure if I should fix them to the drawer (if so, how? suggestions), or just have them as a free moving insert (spacers, wood fixed together like X , then placed in ).