Hack Oldham’s 3 Rules


We have finally got the rules down to something we can all follow… we think. We have settled on 3 rules which should in theory pretty much cover any eventuality.

Would love some feedback, particularly on spelling and grammar before I print these up and put them in the space.

Hack Oldham’s 3 Rules

0 - Don’t be on fire
There is one standard rule in every hack space you visit and that is “Don’t be on fire” this is a somewhat tongue in cheek way of saying your safety and the safety of those around you is the primary concern, so please whatever you do… Don’t be on fire.

If you are not on fire, you may continue to rule 1.

1 – Leave things better than you found them.
Always try to leave things in a better state than you found them, whether that is doing a little extra tidying when you tidy up after yourself, fixing something that’s broken, or leaving someone happier, but whatever you do, see rule 0.

2 – If in doubt, ask
There is nothing wrong with not knowing, and if you don’t know something check the wiki, if it’s not in the wiki don’t be afraid to ask. Helping you, helps others fulfil rule number 1.

3 – Don’t be a #&%*!
Above all else, follow Wheaton’s law, consider those around you, they are mostly human beings and the have feelings too, so always consider how your actions will effect those around you, if you are not sure, see rule number 2.