So me and @p0welly have had the idea of organizing a youth hackathon - for those that don’t know the concept take a look at Tameside Hack. The plan is to get the colleges involved in this and local high schools. Really it would be good to fix a date on this before Tameside hack (mid feb) so they can promote it


How does back end of April sound something like 28th to 29th


Just a few initial thoughts

Hackathon plans.docx (95.3 KB)


Shall we get a date fixed on this?

have spoken to Oldham Sixth Form, the computing department sound interested once we have a date we need to drop them an email


Just thowimg out a date how about 30th June and 1st July? open for suggestions but e mindful of may/June being exam season and we need time to get sponsors


what would you need from other people to organise?

I could potentially offer time for helping/mentor on the day.

Has anyone else expressed any interest in this yet? or are members being awfully quiet again


We are aiming for a youth hack - mentors would be greatly appreciated I am chasing to put a date down so we can hunt for sponsors etc


ok to help you out a little bit here, best to describe what people might be needed for before they volunteer (not everyone might be familiar with the concept).

Assuming general hackathon (event or competition that usually span a single day or 2, sometimes overnight. People work in teams to solve a set of challenges using technology) setup.

Mentors : People with general knowledge, but not necessarily detailed. Can help groups to get started/brain storm possible ideas. General point of contact if someone wants help, which is usually helping people go thru the debugging steps (I’ve done this a few times and had no idea how to use the language).

Judges : Small group of people that goes around teams near the end of the event to judge/discuss projects with teams. Judges then meet up privately to discuss findings and start to rank projects based on some set of metrics, usually something like : Idea, effort, difficulty, does it work? (although not always as strongly weighted as some thing).

General helpers : Facilitate registrations, general queries, restock food/drinks (if provided), toilet/door monitors (if needed). Joint clean up afterwards.

Most hackathons have a dedicated person/team handling the IT and any media (presentations/audio/microphones).

Hackathons usually start with some presentation at the start, covering housekeeping, the challenges, sponsor messages, timetables. Most have some twitter hashtag for communication/advertising (twitter wall displayed on a main projector somewhere). Breaks are sometimes scheduled, which are additional presentation/talks, usually a time to remind people how to get help/make sure everyone is on track, also to advertise any group ‘workshops’ that might be running (someone explaining how to use xyz tech). Finally, there is the final prize/awards at the end, which is usually after some break (so final judging can happen).

You do not need to be technical to help out

Does that help ?


thanks, we also can ask some tips off tameside hack too


generally the youth ones (which is what we are aiming for at the moment) are over 2 days, with dinner and keyboards down scheduled. Theres not really too much of a timetable


ok, I want to get this off the ground - any objection to me starting to have some conversations?


I am thinking end fo the school christmas holidays

Get someone to sponsor food (thinking RJFP)
Challenge sponsors

maybe @thargy could give us an insight as to how we can get it moving