Home router for with scheduled restricted access to facebook etc


I’d like to create a blacklist of time-wasting websites and block them all apart from in the first x minutes of the hours when they are all accessible again briefly. That way we can keep on top of our social media for work/leisure throughout the day without getting stuck on facebook ALL FLIPPIN DAY LONG!

We are on Virgin Broadband. They have a user area which lets me block access to specific sites for specific sites for any day of the week but it doesn’t allow a full blacklist with on/off times throughout the day. I’d have to manually configure each website with on/off times all day long.

Any tips for hardware or software solution? We have the virgin router and I’ve got an apple airport router in the cupboard.

THANKS :slight_smile:


Not a network wide solution but I use Focus Me it’s a Pomodoro Timer and website blocker all in one.

If you are not familiar with the pomodoro technique it’s the idea that you break your work day up into 25 min chunks, each with a short break in between, and then every 4 pomodoro’s you take a longer break.

This chrome extension offers a pomodoro timer, but during the work sections in blocks any websites you have added to the list, then during your break you are free to access whatever you like.



Thanks. I’ll look at those links.
I had a chrome extension to help with this once but I ended up constantly
disabling and re-enabling it when I got the urge to dodge work. Or I’d just
open a different browser :confused:


Ah sounds like you need this solution