How about a "Hack Oldham Recommends" category?


So I visited a rather impressive Antiques/Craft place in Failsworth at the weekend (as mentioned by both @p0welly and Gemma last Monday) and came away annoyed for not knowing this place was in Oldham - it’s really good, and not just for antiques.

I would love to big this place up to other members or just people who might visit the website/discourse, which got me thinking about the best way to do this. What about a category in discourse which members can post to but any one can read? Not just for local businesses but other useful resources, Open Source or Free software, websites etc…Basically anything any of us make use of that someone else might find informative.

Maybe have a link direct from the website to this thread, or incorporate a read only copy in the website itself.


PS: I’ve not named or linked to the place just in case we do go with a “Recommends” category. I want to be able to post it there :slight_smile:


Something like that would make sense after all we tend to recommend a lot of things to people wether that be places or software.

We might need to think of categories and subcategories to make it easier to find things recommendations/software and we could where possible use affiliate links to generate a little income


sounds like a perfect use of the wiki


@LeemingA I agree, in principle. However I thought the Wiki might be a bit intimidating and if this is to work it really needs to get lots of people posting on it. Adding to a forum is a little easier than editing a Wiki.


I think this is a great idea- giving recommendations and publicising them is a great way to bring people into the wider Hack Oldham conversation. From a user perspective, I find accessing information on discourse tough (95% of the time I’m on my mobile) but I think the format of a wiki doesn’t lend itself to ad hoc recommendations from a variety of people- if recommenders and use discourse to post but the information was available on the website (like a feed maybe?) I think that would form a good solution. What do we do about promoting this? Do we have regular tweeters/facebookers etc? Do we know where we get the most traffic/interaction?


I think the idea of putting a master list on the wiki is a great one, but having a running discourse discussion, to facilitate a bit of back of forth and collect multiple experiences before formally endorsing is a great idea and well worth doing too.

Kind of a tangent - what was the craft place in Failsworth you’re referring too @MikeyboyZero? You’ve piqued my curiosity :slight_smile:


Hi Matt, there are two antiques warehouses on the junction of Wrigley Head/Wickentree Lane and Oldham Road, directly opposite the big church that is next to Failsworth Pole. They are basically at the bottom of the road Housing Units is on if you know it. Both places have a variety of antiques and bits and pieces but the one right on the corner with green signage has a top floor with spaces for crafters to hire and sell stuff out of, as well as a few people dotted around the rest of the building that refurb old furniture etc. The do a lot of hire outs of stuff to TV companies as well as selling to the general public.
The craft bit reminds me of the craft and design centre in Manchester in the NQ if you have been there.


@matt I’ll just leave this here …


I would use this too there have been a number of times where i have been looking for something and there has been someone who could recommend it.

maybe make a thread to ask for a recommendation

I also have a few things i could add