Ideas for heating the space



At first glance, that should heat the space nicely though it would take about an hour to get cosy.

Depending on what we pay for electric, that heater would cost us about £1.50 upwards to run for around 5 hours, which is reasonable considering. The main problem is going to be heat loss. We’d have to run it almost constantly over winter to keep the place reasonable.


Cheap insulation material.


I agree heat loss is more of a concern than the time taken to get the place warm… and the cost would mount up quickly if it totally looses it’s heat everytime. We’d have to insulate the roof as best as possible, then patch as many holes in the floor and walls as we can to contain the heat.

It would be a costly way to heat the place depending on how much we have them on… given the size of the space 2 or 3 would be recommended, they are after all only 3kw after all.


What about packing the gaps between the roof and walls with rags? I know ideally we should use proper insulation but i’m just thinking about what is cheaply available


I have some expandable foam to fill gaps left over from doing my house. It’s not insulation, but it will stop drafts. Insulation depending on type can be cheap, I’ll have a look at some for you.


I would have thought the main thing to do is to cover up the ceiling. I know this would reduce any potential storage/accessibility, but it would reduce the volume needed to heat up.