Induction Session


Just a quick question , just got a membership but somebody told me that I needed to do an induction session on a Sunday , anybody know when any of these are.


We have inductions with @LeemingA but there are a few of us that can sign off, what is it you need signing off on - if you pop in we can sort a general induction - fire safety, makerspace etc :slight_smile:


Mainly just for doing stuff in the maker space with the cutters and soldering irons , maybe also some stuff in the reprographics



Needs induction
3d printer
any machine in workshop
vinyl cutter

May need showing how to use
A1 printer
soldering iron
Electronics benches


Do you know when I would be able to do these


Whenever is good - like I say decide what you want one on first, then decide when you are free.


Will probably only need 3D printer and vinyl cutter to start off - how long do they normally take


Thanks for popping in today, hoep to see you to do an induction on thursday, let me know which one you would like