Hello everyone!

My name is Berni and I joined hackspace last week after being shown around and getting excited about all the imagined projects I am going to start! But there is one thing holding me back… I can’t use anything until I’m inducted!

Please can someone let me know what happens next with new members and how we can get started?

I would love to be inducted on the laser cutter to start with and I’m free today of its not way too short notice :grin: if it is, when is best for you?

Thanks so much,


I can do that, Have a look at my diary at the link below and find a time that’s good for you.


Yay! Thank you! Do I need to bring anything?


Nope you don’t need anything, although if bring your own laptop we can show you some free software to design stuff for laser cutting.


Thank you for the induction :grin: