Introducing AdamMillington


I’m one of the junior members who is interested in web dev/ electronics.

I’m looking to do some small projects - starting off with making a small macro keyboard with an Arduino and then building and soldering a keyboard with parts from Banggood (after waiting 1000 weeks for delivery)

By the way is there anybody here interested in Mechanical Keyboards then I want to build one so all help would be appreciated.


Hi Adam, Welcome!

Incidently I have worked on a button box project using arduino which follows the same concepts if you would like some help. Mechanical switches i pressume operate the same as other switches and therefore I suspect we can draw many similarities.


Yep , I think it’s be a similar thing , I found this on Make Use Of which shows what to do (kind of)


Exactly that, feel free to have a chat next time your in :slight_smile:


By the way , I forget to put this name down when signing up for a membership online , what should I do


as in your username?


Yes , my username


You should talk to @elliohow


@AdamMillington Yeah im currently working on a very similar project right now. Shoot me a message if you need any help.


Just came across this


oo that seems fun. Not sure I’d be bothered about the display or backlights, but I’d be up for helping someone try to do this (really want to get back into microcontroller stuff)


I have a pro micro lying around and am looking to make something like this. I have a keycap set with the numberpad keys so we won’t need keycaps. I also have 20 spare keyboard switches coming in the next few days so I have most of the parts that are neccesary , heck I might even have some RGB strips left from behind an old TV that I could use. I’ll be in on thursday , if not maybe sunday.


I think we might need an I2C LCD (very cheap)