Introducing Hdunnicliffe


Hi all,

I’m a software developer, moved to Manchester just over a year ago. Interested in basically everything, wood working, metal machining, electronics, 3D printing.

Heard about the space via Andrew L, who I work with. Popped over last Sunday and had the induction, looks great!

Planning to start by dusting off an old 3d printing project. Not sure how you normally arrange training for the machines but I’d like an induction to the 3D printer if that’s possible?

Hayden Dunnicliffe


Hi Hayden and welcome to the community, the ANET A8 is currently down and I am looking to fix it over christmas and new year. The Micromake L2 is currently having an induction written by @berk and should be ready soon


Oh no! That’s a shame, have the next few days off for xmas and was hoping to get started. All well, I’ll check back in the new year and see how the repairs are going. I’m a complete novice, so I doubt I’ll be much help repairing the machine but I’m happy to provide a extra pair of hands, if that’s of use?

My model has some plastic clips so needs some flex. I don’t think the resin models that come out the L2 have any flex so I’m probably best sticking with the A8?


Hi Hayden
Your are right. The resin parts are quite inflexible. Though PLA on the A8 is quite rigid too.


So after spending today prodding the printer it seems to be working, although I am off now until 7th January so I can’t do an induction on it until afterwards


Brilliant, thanks for fixing it. I’ll PM you about getting an induction.