Introduction Beth D


Hey Everyone!

Im a model making student local to the area, and signed up after induction on monday.

Im looking to use the space for 3d printing, and wood working, as there areas i want to expand my skills in.

Im a sculptor, mould maker, and have done a lot of costumes,models and props.

Would I be able to sort an induction with the 3d Printing, laser cutter and a workshop induction?

Thanks, cant wait to get involved!


Hi Beth, and welcome to the community

Which 3D printer would you like and induction on?
I can do the laser cutter on Monday evenings.
As for workshop induction @binkythebomb or @berk may be able to help…


Hey, Both if possible? What actual printers are they as I have cura set up so might be able to do some of the work from home!
If youd be able to do an induction on the laser cutter next monday that would be great thankyou!


ok, so laser on monday say 7 ish?

The ANET A8 user Slic3r and the Micromake L3 uses proprietary software which I can give you a copy of and a manual to read


That would be awesome, both the induction and printer, I shall have a bit of a look into both of them before then!