Jake Garforth smartest dumb person


hello I’m Jake aka corticibus (gaming) aka tree (school) health and safety officer

as I said above I might be the smartest of the dumb people before it jumps to person then it jumps to smart person and now I’m just mumbling nonsense.

I’m someone who doesn’t like complicated things so I make things simpler for myself and others, I even rewrote parts if my exam at school where they used too many fancy scientific words and not enough common English ‘the viscosity of the ice fluctuates from the ambient temperature of the room’ no ‘the ice goes solid or liquid when temperature changes’. keep it simple stupid.

skills I have…

bit of woodwork
very very basic electronics
a god at vanilla CAD stuff, trust me I can build it without commands
human wiki page for elder scrolls, fallout and some other games.
good level of common sense, when flying round the world why fly in the same direction as the earth spins??

stuff i’ve done
built a biomass reactor at college fun but they screwed me over (that’s another story)
had injuries everywhere but never gone to hospital since I was born
played about with a lathe for a couple of months
did art at school but failed, apparently I didn’t make a bold enough statement about the human body??

so yeah that’s me so far at 18 years old now some fools have trusted me with building planes at Salford uni should be interesting if anything.