Kick the Linux guy up the rear


… to finish writing a workshop/lesson on basic to intermediate Linux stuff


Who is the Linux guy?


Well there might be more than one, but it was a self reference :slight_smile: I’m still working on the whole work/life balance thing… I’ve only managed to get the work/be exhausted at home, balance so far


lol kk, well i know the basics I’d say. My tip for work life balance, is to keep everything as simple as possible. You can always make life more complicated l8r.

I’ve still not fail2ban working - but I did get the iptables working without it. Also been wondering about alternatives for PHP server side coding… Like the Hack language FB made, but not sure how to use it on RPi…


I don’t have the normal 9-5 work… wish I did. Would make things so much simpler :wink:

If Hack is the name of the ‘FB language’, then it actually is PHP (well a variant of). Alternatives exist to PHP (HTML5?, ruby, python, javascript, java) but I feel this will go off topic very fast :wink:

On topic, if people want to request linux type topics you would like me/someone to cover, feel free. I can not promise I can teach them, but i can try once I have the time


Yea hack is apparently that fb language. I know it’s basically php but it’s claimed to be more secure and better at stopping xss attacks. I’ve been attempting to get php error logging working on my site (uses php to send rf signals around the house) but it isn’t working correctly as far as I can tell. Anyway as you say this is very off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Linux topics, I wouldn’t mind knowing more about compiling drivers, as I’d like to create a script that recompiles my wifi driver when the kernel is updated. The source doesn’t change nearly as often as the kernel. When I do dist-upgrade my wifi drops till I reinstall the driver… annoying to say the least…


I could really use some help with wine64 (which is what came with lubuntu)…


I have very little experience with wine. If it is game related, I know there exists a website that lists compatibility and if it requires silly settings to work. I find it easier to just have dual boot if I am required to use windows for something (VM if it isn’t graphically intensive), these days windows is exclusively used for games


It was to install Spotify for Linux, which requires wine64 (not 32bit) to work. I’ve tried following the tutorials to no avail…


I’m assuming the following didn’t work Spotify for Linux. Did you get errors while installing or something? Best to take this discussion elsewhere though (own thread/offline)


No that didn’t work, nor did one designed for wine64… its not overly important, we can have a chat about it another time…