Lighting for events space


Just posting on here to document and open for suggestions on some aspects of the plans.

Following the sucess of #fundedwithfood there were several improvements that both the organizers @p0welly and myself thought could be made. the main one which I am focusing on is the sound and lighting setup. We discovered that when the main lights are off it is difficult to light the end of the room where the speakers are. to solve this i plan to use the dmx Par56 LED lights we have in the basement, yes, I know these are used for artemis and therefore I will be using a computer capable of running artemis to control them using the rs485 to usb adapter that is currently attached to them. We can attach the lights to the unistrut using the same mounts we used for the extensions and positioned right these can provide some lighting for the person speaking. I know this may not be the ideal solution and I know some point may think using a piece of software already made is a bit overkill, it may be but at the moment working is better than a perfect solution, however I will build it with a view to expand if we wish. The software is called freestyler and I have already tested it controling the DMX lights from a PC.

So onto my idea of where we can put this. My suggestion is that we create a unit that is on casters that can be placed in front of the fuse boxes in the kitchen upstairs. Therefore it can be moved when access is needed. This obviously raises the issue of where to put the wires. I am suggesting drilling a hole and then adding a faceplate on the other side to make the wiring as need as possible. I also am proposing that we move the audio mixer over to this position too therefore the audio can be adjusted when it is in use, for example the volume of a microphone if needed. it is good to have the flexibility. Also, we can use the PC to just project if needed and to stream the audio, since it is not that resource intensive that shouldn’t be an issue.

Also if anyone may have anything to donate that may be of use/ know someone who may, please let us know.9

wishlist/needed to build system

  • Unit needs building - with casters
  • many metres of dmx cable
  • Faceplate
  • power cabl/ plugs
  • feel free to add anything else


I am thinking of buying this: x 2

This will be ran using freestyler on a pc. The PC can be positioned on a unit with casters near the key box in the kitchen. The cable will run over the girder easily.

We have a usb to DMX

Does anybody object




ok - do we need to sort ladders?


So we decided on a lighting controller anyone got any suggestions for under £50


We need to decide on a small controller are there any suggestions we have a month till funded with food



how do these look @Nathan_Hickling