Looking for a Raspberry Pi expert to help me with my project


Hi i am Mojo.

I am HND qualified electronics engineer with 10 years experience in the electronics industry.

Areas of experience and skills:

  • Fault finding to component level
  • Digital and analogue design
  • PIC programming
  • PCB design
  • Labview
  • Electrical Installation
  • Basic workshop skills

Wanted create a queue system that displays time stamp as any of the GPIO button is pressed. The rasp pi then displays the information on a TV monitor.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Surely using a small python script with a gui to show switch states on the GPIO, or if you want a premade board look at the piface digital? I can show you where to start.


Thank you Mattyyey for your reply.

I require up to to 25 buttons, hardware wise i was gonna build that built myself either via membrane switches or a panel with 25 switches. I intend to use latching switches and the raspberry pi 2 has 40 GPIO. The Pi digital only has 8 inputs I think. Just need help in terms of software, i almost got it working using scratch!.

Kind regards



just to throw a spanner in the works, raspberry pi touch screen is out today its $60, and a pi with drive both displays.

So, the touchscreen is the interface with a nice table plan of the restaurant on it, and a second hdmi monitor in the kitchen displays the times


Ok no piface then. Well I personally would still use python with Tkinter (gui) you can save output of the switches to a file in memory and even output to a file for saving if you like. Time stamp is so easy ill skip over that. I think because you wish to have them listed as they change, that a file would be the easiest way to get the sequence.

If you wish to have 2nd display this will work fine. or have the “file” available elsewhere or on more than 2, you might want to consider hosting it as a VERY minimal Web page. That’s easier than you might think.

I’m no expert in programming mind you but I have done this myself to control my house electronic devices. Also at the space, there are more programmers than me, that can help get this project going.

Let us know what you like the sound of and we can meet one day and try to hash out a basis for the script.






There’s a few referable links for you/us to make said script. Have a read if u like…


Thank you for the information and the links. I don’t mind meeting up and having a crack at it, when are you going to visit the Hack Oldham next?




Do you have your raspberrypi set up headless? Or have a setup u can bring? Do you have at least 2 button’s wired? That’s all you’d need to test out the script. Then once that’s working I’d leave it to you to expand and finish…

I might be able to meet at weekend not sure yet, otherwise I keep my Monday evenings free for this sort of stuff…


i have a an older rasp pi model B. I can bring in the setup with me along with two buttons. I’m free this Monday 14th September.




lol the touch screen wont last long, the waiters will destroy it in no time! Thank you for the idea.


hay, I’m really sorry but I’m quite busy tonight, I’m not sure ill be able to make it in time… I’ll try…


If your busy thats no problem, any other day that your available?




how are you fixed for after 3pm on wednesday? I’ll try n run mock script here and bring that to play with and get working on your pi.

if you havn’t already install the latest GPIO files (0.5.11):

$ tar zxf RPi.GPIO-0XXXXXXXXa.tar.gz $ cd RPi.GPIO-0.5.2a $ sudo python setup.py install


I’m free after 16:30pm on Wednesday.
Thanks for the library I’ll get that installed.



yeah thats fine I’ll see you there, I’ll probs go there and faff with my rpi from about 3ish…


See you over there

Kind regards




/usr/bin/gksu -u root idle

sudo apt-get install python python-tk idle python-pmw python-imaging

more stuff i was looking at. on my way in 2 mins.


Yeppe software 95% complete! Looking pretty good. :slight_smile: thank you for your help! Just need some polycarbonate / overlay graphics.



Lol made the button version, took ages to construct and had to build a interface circuit just for the button’s led to work. Touch screen seems the way forward.