#LoRaWAN a Smarter Oldham


That mobile mast map combined with the RF simulation highlights the solution to some extent. You can see how the mobile infrastructure has been placed to solve problems caused by Oldham’s topography (if you squint a bit). There’s four main spines radiating out from the Town Centre roughly following the A62, Ashton Road, Lees Road and Chaddy Way (with some fill-in for shaded area like the east of Oldham Edge and Springhead).

Admittedly the mobile masts will have taken into account vehicle traffic more than we would have to, but I think this does give us a decent guideline.

Just out of interest, what’s LoRaWAN like for deadzones around transceivers?


You can possibly do a divide by 3 or 4 of the cellphone mast map since there’s a range of competing networks.
LoRaWan receivers are more sensitive, and have a lower datarate, so we needn’t necessarily end up with more than the cells.

LoRaWAN doesn’t really have deadzones around transceivers – they seem to be able to turn the gain right down, and the antennas tend to be simple dipoles. AutoData rates will also help with access. I’ve talked to mine from within the same office with no problem.

Trilateration for determining position of the sender works better with more receivers – we’d need at least 3 to cover each point.

I’ll run some more simulations with basestations along the main roads you suggest.


10 basestations gives pretty good coverage. I’m not sure about Delph, but with that could probably be covered by carefully picking the correct location.


There’s potentially a few gaps, – but we can fill these in if people have a particular requirement.

Next question is what should the base station architecture consist of? Do we just run a VPN on them so we can remote manage them and it should (hopefully) just be a matter of getting the organisation hosting the node to pass it through a firewall? If we can’t get a willing host we can always go over 3/4G.


We have a things network page https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/oldham/


Edit 3: Ok, looks like applications are per account rather than per group
Once my modules arrive I will find out if I am in range of the oldham transmitter
Edit 2:
Thanks to whoever approved me

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How do we get the details for Transmit/Recieve, i have some of those cheap lora modules on order


At the moment I cant authenticate through LoRa, does anyone know if the gateway has had successful OTAA activations?


You really need to speak to @codebug on that one.


Or you could be really nice for christmas…

(Saving link for self for later)


Ok turns out Oldham Council are not allowed on their own roof.

We have been offered henshaw house opposite, I can also speak to Craig at Web applications, but then I’d worry if the range would get @codebug.


It has – but I don’t exactly know the combination of settings on the node that made it work! :frowning: I think it might be related to setting ADR off and the RX freq/time slot etc.

With regards ‘Christmas presents’, the gateway is ic800A-SPI based with a custom interface board and Raspberry Pi and PoE. I’ve got a full set of spare components if anyone wants to build their own. I’ll post details of the build next week.


The only thing stopping me getting some basic command control at the moment is I can’t actually connect to any gateway, I have some basic comms running using pic/arduino so i’m just waiting on reception


Ok bringing this back up following @codebug’s post on the other thread.

What do we need to do to get the gateway up on the hackspace? just power and network on the roof?


We can even do POE so ethernet would probably do on the roof (or some other high building in Oldham we could get to). I reckon we could provide coverage to Snowdonia/Liverpool on the right building.


Our roof is easiest.

There is a plant room up there so there is power but I suspect it isnt networked.

I’ll investigate and report back.


Plant room doesnt have any mains or network but we have figured out how we can route a cable to the roof via the lift shaft so if we can do POE then we are good to go.







I’d like to get involved with Lorawan/ThingsNetwork in Oldham. I’ve currently got a gateway running at my office in work (Milnsbridge, near Huddersfield).

Are there any meetings planned in the near future? I live in Austerlands and am planning on installing another gateway at my house, it has a very good view over the top of Lees, Oldham centre and over to Ashton. Maybe even Manchester centre too, I think it will be interesting to see what range I can get.