Matthew Sykes ( and Ellisa ) - multi skilled electrician


Hello everyone,

I’m a bit of an odd one really because I have lots of random interests…

So I trained (and self trained) as an IT technician.

I am a scuba Diver to the grade of bsac diver leader and assistant instructor.

I have experimented and explored Linux on and off for many years. I would say I know the basics…

I have a raspberry pi (single board computer) and have used it as a media device, to control my garage door via nfc and voice on my phone, since have expanded that to rf controlled sockets.

I have hacked the PSP 2000 (an old one) TONS, Now sold. I did several extensive themes, a couple of small home brew apps, and created mods. I also wrote several tutorials (now obsolete).

I have hacked every android device I’ve ever owned, created themes, mods, and wrote a few tutorials. Most are obsolete now as I’m focusing on my RPI.

I like repair my own tech if I think I can. Like a new camera glass :wink::wink: or new joystick on PSP or replace phone screens.

I can code well in html and javascript, I have some experience with visual basic, python, java and php. I generally learn a language for the purpose of a project. Most of my RPI work atm uses python or php, so I’m focused on that.

I have a background working in the building trade since I was a teenager as different trades and in general. I then trained to be an domestic Electrician and ran a self employed business doing general building, painting, landscape gardening, domestic electrical works. In fact I can do most trades with the exceptions of plastering and gas works.

I love star trek. All of them. Sci Fi in general. I play many different game styles but I do like my Rpgs and mmorpgs more than most.

So I think that covers the bits you might wanna know about me for the club. As for me personally, I can be a little quiet. I like to help others freely and develop and learn new skills regularly. So if u want help and you think I might be able to, don’t be afraid to ask.



basically I’m just a human :smile: who loves caring for tiny humans :smile:
and am more than happy to help :smile:

currently a wife to be of a three way relationship with my fiancé, myself and his pc :computer:

currently a lapsy daisy uni student :mortar_board:

can be rather creative, but it’s rare I have a reason to be creative, the past year it has been because I’ve made everything for my wedding :wedding: yikes.