Members Lounge Suggestions


A thread to discuss ideas for the members lounge


On behalf of @gooooooders

Can I request that lighting options be considered and we look at the Danish principle of Hygge lighting? Brighter and whiter isn’t always nicer :slight_smile:


@gooooooders would you mind possibly posting a description and images of the hygge principle?

My initial thoughts are we can use anything that plugs into the wall to add lighting, the main ring lights would be an issue as they provide the emergency lighting in the members lounge


Graffiti walls!
Well, chalk paint and chalk would suffice :smiley:


I’ve been thinking along similar lines Sam.


Could we not cut templates to mask a design on the vinyl cutter?

Had an idea of a whiteboard wall?

Some maker quotes would also be nice


I like the idea of a whiteboard wall and graffiti.
This is my first graffiti effort which I did in my garden this summer. I’d like to contribute some graffiti (a little square stencil or something) if that idea gets the green light.

Hygge is Danish word that just means “cosy”. So it’s cosy lighting as opposed to corporate office/institutional bright lighting. Think soft sunsets and uplighters to prevent dazzling. Instead of a large central bright light that floods the entire room, Hygge would use corner lights and specific light for specific areas.

I also wondered about some fake windows using LED backlit panels. Here are some examples. It can help prevent a space feel claustrophobic.



Personally, I’m not keen on LED panels. One of the lovely quirks of the members lounge is that it is in the basement and I think we should play on that rather than try to hide it. In my head it should be much more along the lines of a mad professor’s laboratory or a superhero’s underground lair. It should be anything but ordinary.


I would love to see the Members Lounge be transformed into a 19th century gentlemen’s den with wood panneling and high backed wing chairs. It must also be said that I also have no idea at all of how to do this!


As for lighting, I think some lamps would be good, especially alexa controlled! We can acquire lamps relatively cheaply (or free if @Fairytography has anything to do with it).

As for fake windows, I don’t think this would play to the characteristics of the room.I do like the idea of an underground lab it would be quite cool. I might even do a couple of cad mockups.

The main room lights have to stay in place due to emergency lighting and sometimes there is a need to keep the main bright lights for some types of work.

We currently have a projector in the lounge, I would like to see this still in place. It is very useful for displaying video or just enjoying a good youtube video. We also have a sound system that will work for it.


Definitely get a plazma ball for the underground den. You could tinker and make your own lights with old fashioned cord and Edison style trendy bulbs and some copper piping for steampunk retro glamour.


I like the idea of Hygge, and I also like the fake windows as they will make the room feel more open and less like a dungeon. The lounge needs to feel cosy, rather than dark and dull how it is currently.

The room lacks natural lighting, so any form of lighting that will give the feel of natural light would be good. I dont think corner lamps will work in this case.

The literal translation of hygge is fun, so a graffiti wall would work very well. Love the idea of it, but we’d need to make sure it is bright and vibrant so that it doesnt darken the room further.


I think the graffiti wall looks a cool idea, whiteboards/blackboard paint. I suspect we could get some form of lighting without using fake windows. From my knowledge from school considering them, they were expensive and fairly fragile.

A space that is clean and comfy seems a good start - warm as well!


Also on a stuff we’d like down there level - Could we get a kettle or something to leave down there, and a small supply of the basics.